Hello! Welcome to a blog of my art and art that I like.
Current interests include but are not limited to: Pokemon, Tokyo Ghoul, Bravely Default, and several other summer 2014 animes. Thanks for stopping by!
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commission for agate skyborne! ^^
guild wars 2 art shop
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who cares, anyway? let’s go home.
hi everyone! thanks for following me, I just got back from traveling so I’ll be back to posting more soon ^^ here’s something I might expand upon later…
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you're opening a guild wars 2 art shop? * o*

that’s what i’m planning to do! I have a final this week but I’m going to try to work on a sample or two and get it up and running soon :3

i foudn the place to set up guild wars 2 art shops this is happening

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mega altaria is a cloud turkey and nobody can tell me otherwise

white hair black soul kaneki
sometimes I doodle stupid cute things instead of paying attention in class please send help
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Send me a drawing request!

i’m pretty bad at thinking of ideas when I’m crunched for time but I’d like to squeeze out some sketches even during project & finals week ^^

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class and guild wars 2 have taken over my life
i offer these sad cats as an apology (i will be back i promise)
i…. was avoiding homework again…