Hello! Welcome to a blog of my art and art that I like.
Current interests include but are not limited to: Pokemon, Tokyo Ghoul, Bravely Default, and several other summer 2014 animes. Thanks for stopping by!
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doodling cute pokemon is great for procrastination
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the newest update killedme i can’t even (maybe i’ll try practicing couples later)
quick sketch/feels outlet
playing with brushes… maybe i’ll finish it later
at least everyone can dream about getting good grades
transparent c:
my favorite lady who doesn’t take shit from anyone

sweet sleepies for a new friend!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Tiz looks so fluffy and comfy just like a sheep I wanna pet his hair so much

slight change in content of blog warning: also will begin reblogging art that I like (generally fanart)

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half dead but suddenly smacked with the urge to draw totoro politoed
gaiaonline commission for Forsaken Soul c:
gaiaonline commission for Neopentane c:
after some practice i’ll probably open it up to real monies and whatnot
been working on commission samples all day >.>
commission post may be coming soon